Carl R. Rice (History Representative & GSA Steering Committee Member) 


President Peter Salovey (

Secretary Kimberly M. Goff-Crews ( and all other University officials involved in selecting the next Provost. 

Whereas students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) represent a significant portion of the University community, and serve the University in various capacities as students, researchers, and teachers; 

Whereas the Provost serves as the University’s chief educational and administrative officer after the President; 

Whereas the choice of the future Provost will undoubtedly impact the lives of graduate students, including effects on graduate student well-being, adjudication of their interests, and interfacing with their representation; 

Be it first resolved that the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) encourages Yale University President Peter Salovey, Secretary Kimberly Goff-Crews, and other officials involved in selecting the next Provost to meet the GSA to discuss the selection process and to solicit feedback from GSA representatives and incorporate that feedback in the selection process; 

Be it further resolved that the GSA urges President Salovey, Secretary Goff-Crews, and other officials to include graduate student representatives (nominated by the GSA, one per division) on any and all committees involved in selecting the next Provost. 


Resolution F19-002, 21 CP Report


Megan Kelley (Interdepartmental Neuroscience Representative & GSA Service Committee Chair)

Meaghan McGeary (Experimental Pathology Representative & GSA Transit and Security Committee Chair)


Ronnell Higgins Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety, Yale University 

Dr. Janet Lindner Vice President for Human Resources and Administration, Yale University 

Jessica R Drake VP Program Management and Development, 21CP Solutions 

Matthew Barge Partner and Principal Consultant, 21CP Solutions 

Martin Parker Yale Police Community Engagement Officer, Yale University 

Martha Cedeno-Ross Yale Police Community Engagement Officer, Yale University 

Whereas the Graduate Student Assembly advocates on behalf of graduate students on issues relating to safety and security at Yale and in New Haven. 

Whereas the Yale Police Department (YPD) is committed to “protect[ing] and serv[ing] the campus” , and to “being fully transparent with the University community”1 and to “maintaining the highest level of trust and honesty with those [they] serve.”

Whereas transparency in YPD policy is important for building trust between YPD and those they protect and serve, including graduate students. 

Therefore be it resolved by the Graduate Student Assembly that 21CP Solutions should include in their final report a recommendation to make the report public, with minimal necessary redactions. 

Be it further resolved that YPD should release to the public the report compiled by 21CP Solutions, with minimal redactions. 

Be it further resolved that the Graduate Student Assembly should be made aware of future external reports/audits, and that YPD should adopt a formal policy for public release of future external reports/audits, in line with their stated values of transparency and honesty with those they serve. 

1 “Yale Police Department.” It’s Your Yale: Yale Police Department, 




Da’Von Boyd (Political Science Representative & Steering Committee Member) 

Maria Del Mar Galindo (English Representative & Secretary)

Kristen Herdman (Medieval Studies Representative & Steering Committee Member) 

Megan Kelley (Interdepartmental Neuroscience Representative & Service Committee Chair) 

Christopher Londa (Classics Representative) 

Nicolle Rosa Mercado (Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry Representative & Facilities and Healthcare Committee Chair)

Zachariah Michielli (Architecture Representative & Communications Committee Chair) 

Carl R. Rice (History Representative & Steering Committee Member) 

Julianne Rolf (Chemical and Environmental Engineering & Steering Committee Member)

Spencer Small (Slavic Languages and Literatures Representative) 


Peter Salovey, President of Yale University (

Scott Strobel, Provost of Yale University (

Kimberly M. Goff-Crews, Yale University Secretary and Vice President for University Life (

Lynn Cooley, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (

Marvin Chun, Dean of Yale College (

Tamar Gendler, Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) (

Kathryn Lofton, FAS Dean of the Humanities (

The Yale Corporation Board of Trustees 

Whereas research and teaching in the Arts and Humanities comprises fields of learned inquiry which explore the very foundations of human experiences across time and space, including but not limited to languages, literatures, histories, jurisprudence, philosophies, religions, ethics, and the arts; 

Whereas Yale University has been and continues to be a world leader in Arts and Humanities research and teaching and provides academic support and training for a diverse body of students and scholars; 

Whereas Yale University’s Office of the President lists the Arts and Humanities as one of Yale’s  “signature strengths” and an academic priority;

Whereas the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) are independent federal agencies that cultivate Arts and Humanities by funding individual scholars’ research or artistic production as well as the programming of educational and cultural institutions;

Whereas Yale and the NEH and NEA have enjoyed a long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship since the Endowments’ founding in 1965;

Whereas the US Federal Budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2021 has requested $30 million for the closure and elimination of the NEA and $33 million for the closure and elimination of the NEH;

Whereas the recipients of this resolution are respected and recognized leaders in higher education and in academic research; 

Be it first resolved that the Graduate Student Assembly exhorts the recipients of this resolution to publicly and unambiguously support the NEA and NEH, to declare that investment in the Arts and Humanities is not “Wasteful and Unnecessary Spending,”5 to oppose a budget request which eliminates either agency, and to advocate for a federal budget allocation commensurate with the important work the NEA and NEH accomplish; 

Be it further resolved that the recipients of this resolution as representatives of Yale University should clearly state in public and official communications that, contrary to the opinions of the Trump Administration, the Humanities and the Arts constitute a vibrant and vital component of America’s future and that support for the Arts and Humanities is not a “program where the federal Government’s role is unclear and unnecessary.”

1 Peter Salovey, “Fall 2019 Academic Priorities Update,” 10 December, 2019: writings/statements/fall-2019-academic-priorities-update (accessed 18 February, 2020). 

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