Tax Facts

The GSA sponsored Tax Facts sessions for 2022-2023 term were on March 28th and 29th.

Are you confused about how to file taxes while in graduate school? Join the GSA at our Tax Facts events! The first session will be geared towards domestic students and residents on March 28th, 4-5 pm at the Watson Center room A60, and the second focused on international students and other circumstances on March 29th, 4-5 pm at the Watson Center room A51. Tax Facts will be a series of presentations by tax professional Allan Atherton with general advice on filing your taxes, with time for questions at the end. If you have specific questions about your individual tax situation, we recommend contacting a tax professional separately. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer individualized tax advice or guidance to students.

You can find PDFs of the slides used during these presentations below (copy and paste the second link into your browser to view the slides from the second session).

Please contact for more information.