Yale Health

When you are sick, the last thing you want to do is waste your time figuring out exactly how the Yale Health System works. Familiarizing yourself now will save you trouble later!

Yale Health Center is located at 55 Lock Street.

Yale Health Basic Coverage

Yale Health Basic Coverage entitles all students to most services provided by the Yale Health Center, including physical exams, gynecological exams, pap smears, flu shots, and laboratory services.

Please note that walk-in appointments are not permitted for the Fall 2020 term. 

Yale Student Health

(203) 432-0312

The Yale Student Health department is the best place to start if you are feeling unwell. Same-day appointments are often available, and most specialists on the Yale Health plan require a referral, which is most easily acquired by visiting Student Health.

Yale Acute Care

(203) 432-0123

If you fall ill suddenly and cannot make an appointment through Student Health, call Yale Acute Care. Acute Care is always available for walk-in appointments, though waits can be long. If your illness is urgent, it is safest to call 911.

Mental Health and Counseling

(203) 432-0290 

Mental health and counseling appointments are available for all graduate students. Though wait times for an appointment can be long, the Mental Health and Counseling department can transfer you to an on-call counselor and other services for urgent care. In case of emergency call 911 or walk into Urgent Care.

Chaplain’s Office


The Chaplain’s Office is open to students who prefer a faith-based counseling option. Visit: chaplain.yale.edu


(203) 432-0033

The Yale Health Pharmacy is the only pharmacy that will accept the Yale Health Plan. Prescriptions can either be dropped off in-person or called-in and picked up at a later date. You may also either wait for your prescription or come to pick it up at your convenience. Under Yale HealthHospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage, prescriptions are covered through the Yale Pharmacy in a three-tiered copay system, with copays ranging from $10-$45 for a 30-day supply. 


MyChart is a great way to be in touch with your clinicians, get test results online, and schedule appointments, but you have to sign up first. To register, visit the Yale-New Haven MyChart website. You can also download the MyChart app for mobile access. MyChart is the best way to connect with your providers for telemedicine appointments.

Yale Health Member ID Card

Your Yale Health member ID card won’t be sent to you automatically. You will need this card for all Yale Health appointments as well as emergency care outside of the YNHH system. Visit Yale Health Member Services to request your card.

Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage

Unless you waive your coverage, you are automatically enrolled as a graduate student in Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage. Service departments include Allergy; Dermatology; Hospital Services; Urology; Ear, Nose & Throat; Emergency Services; Nutrition; Inpatient Care; Ophthalmology; Orthopedics; Neurology; Oncology; Endocrinology; Gastroenterology; Physical Therapy; and Obstetrics.

Hospitalization/ Specialty Care Coverage also includes free preventative immunizations provided by the Yale Health Center, as well as various options for free contraceptives via the Yale Health Pharmacy. There is a $200 fee associated with admission to the hospital.


Yale requires all half-time or greater students to have hospitalization and specialty care coverage (all students are automatically covered by Yale Health Basic). If you do not want to subscribe to Yale’s Hospitalization/Specialty Care Coverage, you may purchase other coverage on your own, or have coverage by being a dependent on someone else’s plan. If you use outside coverage, you will not be able to fill prescriptions at the Yale Pharmacy.

For eligible students who live or travel within the continental United States but outside of the Yale service area (i.e., CT), the Travel Rider supplements Yale Health Hospitalization/Specialty Care and provides coverage for non-emergent illness and chronic care only. There is an extra cost and the coverage benefits are not the same as that at Yale Health.

Supplemental Eye Care and Dental Coverage

Eye and Dental care are separate and not covered by Yale Health Coverage. The Yale Health Plan covers standard eye exams only. Students may purchase additional Eye Care and Dental coverage.

EyeMed provides an optional vision plan. See our FAQs for more information, and be sure to download the EyeMed members app.

As the result of GSA and GPSS advocacy, we will be implementing two brand new dental coverage options through Delta Dental. Unlike past plans, these require no waiting period for enrolled students to receive complete coverage! Your options are:

  • Basic Plan: Full coverage for preventative and diagnostic care; partial coverage for fillings and simple extractions.

  • Enhanced Plan: Extends coverage included in the basic plan to include partial coverage for more advanced dental procedures such as periodontics and oral surgery.

See here for a list of providers and go to our FAQs for more information.

Spouse and Family Healthcare

As long as you are enrolled half-time or more at Yale, you may purchase coverage for your spouse or civil union partner through Yale at half-cost. If you have children, your entire family plan cost will be covered.