Conference Travel Fellowship

GSA Conference Travel Fellowship

The application can be found here in the Yale Student Grant Database by searching for  Graduate Student Assembly Conference Travel Fellowship (CTF).

CTF Overview

By partnering with the MacMillan Center and the Graduate School, graduate students (Ph.D. and Masters students) are eligible for annual conference travel funding of up to $800. As of July 1st, 2022 the GSA’s CTF budget has increased to $180,000 thanks to generous support from GSAS so that we can accommodate even more students. The GSA CTF should only be used to fund conference travel that cannot be fully funded by a department or advisor. If you are a Ph.D presenting on an international topic, you can apply for the MacMillan Center International Conference Travel Grants. For all others, you can apply to the Graduate Student Assembly Conference Travel Fellowship (CTF).  It is important to note that a student can only be awarded the MacMillan Conference Travel Grant or the GSA CTF for a conference. If you have been awarded a MacMillan conference travel fellowships for this year, you are not eligible for the CTF to allow for other students to received conference travel funding. 

Important imformation to know before applying:

  •  Students are eligible to receive funding for one conference per fiscal year (e.g. July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023). 
  • GSA Conference Travel Awards will be given on a rolling basis for a set amount of money per application cycle.
    • Each student is eligible to recieve up to $800 to attend one conference. 
  • Awards will be give to reimburse conference expenses upon receiving receipts.  
  • No letter of recommendation will be required although email from department registrar and PI/Advisor will be needed to confirm graduate school standing and conference attendance. 
  • Application must be submitted before attenting the confrence. At least 30 days before conference is reccommended.
  • Receipts may be submitted up to 45 days after the conference
  • Masters students  and first-years can only apply after the end of their first academic year of study.

These things will be necessary for us to process your application. 

  • An email from your department registrar saying proof that student is in good academic standing sent to
  • An email from your PI/Advisor giving support for student attending conference sent to
  • Proof of acceptance from the conference
  • Abstract

CTF is now Open.

**Please note that our application closes each fiscal year around June 15, and cannot open again until fresh applications have been generated (this customarily happens by early September).  Students wishing to apply for conferences meeting during this period should make every effort to apply before June 15.  If they are unable to do so, they should e-mail the CTF Director at**

If you have any questions, please contact the CTF Director at


All reward decisions are non-negotiable and proof of attendance will be required.