Conference Travel Fellowship

GSA Conference Travel Fellowship

By partnering with the MacMillan Center and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS), graduate students with representatives in the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) are eligible for annual conference travel funding of up to $800. As of July 1st, 2022 the GSA’s CTF budget has increased to $180,000 thanks to generous support from GSAS. The GSA CTF should only be used to fund conference travel that cannot be fully funded by a department or advisor.


  • Students are eligible to receive funding for one conference per fiscal year (July 1st, 2022 – June 30th, 2023)
  • Students must be presenting their work at the conference
    • Presenting includes posters, talks, and panel discussions
  • The topic of the work presented must be non-international in nature
    • For students whose work focuses on an international topic, you can apply for the MacMillan Center International Conference Travel Grants
    • Students can only be awarded a MacMillan Conference Travel Grant or the GSA CTF for a conference
      • If you have been awarded a MacMillan Conference Travel Grant for this year, you are not eligible for the CTF
      • If you have been awarded a CTF, you are not eligible for the MacMillan Conference Travel Grant

Application and Award:

  • Applications must be submitted before attending the conference
  • Applications will be reviewed and awarded 4-6 weeks after submission
  • Awards will be given on a rolling basis for a set amount of money per application cycle
    • Each student is eligible to receive up to $800 to attend one conference
  • Awards will be given to reimburse conference expenses upon receiving receipts
    • Receipts should be submitted to your department operations manager and not to the CTF Director
    • Details on how to submit receipts and receive reimbursement are included in the award letter
    • Receipts may be submitted up to 45 days after the conference
  • Masters students and first-years can only apply after the end of their first academic year of study

How to apply for the CTF

  1. Determine if the topic of your presentation is non-international
    1. If you are presenting on a topic that is international, please apply to the MacMillan Conference Travel Grant
  2. Fill out the CTF application
    1. Include the abstract of your presentation and confirmation that you will be presenting
  3. Request your department registrar and PI/Advisor to email to confirm you are in good academic standing and giving support to attend the conference
  4. Email stating that you have submitted your application

The application can be found here in the Yale Student Grant Database by searching for Graduate Student Assembly Conference Travel Fellowship (CTF).

The CTF application closes each fiscal year prior to June 15, and does not open again until September. Students wishing to apply for conferences meeting during this period should make every effort to apply before June 15, or apply after the CTF opens again.

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Rainsford, the CTF Director, at

Please note that the CTF is run for students by students through the Graduate Student Assembly.

You can find slides detailing the CTF application below.