Conference Travel Fellowship

CTF Overview - Updates

By partnering with the MacMillan Center and the Graduate School, graduate students are eligible for annual conference travel funding of $500 pre-candidacy and $750 post-candidacy. GSA’s CTF budget has doubled so that we can accommodate even more students. If you are a Ph.D presenting on an international topic, you can apply for the MacMillan Center International Conference Travel Grants. For all others, you have access to the Graduate Student Assembly Conference Travel Fellowship (CTF).

Important changes to know before applying:

  • GSA Conference Travel Awards will be given on a rolling basis for a set amount of money per application cycle.
    • $500 pre-candidacy
    • $750 post-candidacy
      • See transcript of candidacy status
  • Awards will be give to reimburse travel expenses upon receiving receipts.  
  • No letter of recommendation will be required although email from department registrar and PI/Advisor will be needed to confirm graduate school standing, candidacy, and conference attendance. 
  • Application must be submitted before attenting the confrence. Atleast 45 days before conference is reccommended.
  • Receipts must be submitted up to 45 days after conference
  • Priority will be given for Ph.D students, second year and up. 
  • Masters students  and First-years are eligible only for the June 1st application.

These things will be necessary for us to process your application. 

  • An email from your department registrar saying proof that student is in good academic standing sent to
  • An email from your PI/Advisor giving support for student attending conference sent to
  • Proof of acceptance from the conference
  • Abstract

Confernce Meeting: September 1st - November 30th, 2018

CTF is now Open.

For the 2018 - 2019 Academic Year, CTF Conference Meeting Times:

  • Conferences Meeting September 1-November 30 - Applications Are Open
  • Conferences Meeting December 1-February 28 - Applications Are Open
  • Conferences Meeting March 1-May 31 - Applications Are Open
  • Conferences Meeting June 1-TBD - Applications Are Open

If you have any questions, please contact the CTF Director at


All reward decisions are non-negotiable and proof of attendance will be required.