Information for Current Representatives

The responsibilities of a GSA Representative

  1. Representatives must attend the general assembly meetings regularly. The meetings take place on every other Monday at 6PM in Watson Center A74 (60 Sachem St). The exact dates are available on the GSA calendar.

    Attendance Policy:
    In the event that a representative cannot attend a meeting, they must notify the secretary 24 hours in advance of a meeting in order for their absence to be considered excused. Two unexcused absences or three consecutive absences (excused or unexcused) will result in automatic dismissal. Representatives can appeal for reinstatement. For more information, see the GSA rep packet.

  2. Every representative must serve on one of our six internal committees or serve on an external committee:

    Representatives choose which committee they would like to serve on the first meeting of the year or at a later date by contacting the secretary at

  3. Representatives are required to hold a departmental meeting once per year at which they should discuss with their fellow graduate students suggestions and concerns. The representatives should provide an overview of the GSA (our goals, accomplishments, works in progress) and find out what issues students would like to see us address. Please see our GSA Department Meeting Guide for more information.
  4. From time to time, representatives are asked to forward messages to the graduate students in their department.

Time Commitment

The time commitment required of a GSA representative is about three hours every two weeks. The General Assembly Meetings are held once every two weeks and last about an hour and a half and the remainder of the time is spent with one of the internal committees completing a project.

GSA Representative Information Packet 2014-2015

The representative information packet contains information on the following topics:

  • Recent GSA Accomplishments
  • More specific information regarding the role of GSA representatives, such as guidelines for holding departmental meetings and other possible responsibilities
  • Descriptions of internal and external committees and the representatives serving on the committees this year
  • Information on the parliamentary procedures we follow in our general assembly meetings
  • And much of the information available on the website, such as our mission statement, charter, and bylaws