The Compass

Dear fellow graduate student,

Welcome to Yale- whether from near or far! We are thrilled to have you joining us, and are together with you in taking on the myriad challenges presented to us this academic year. Yale is a place with many resources- from wonderful administrators, mentors, researchers and staff, to a wide variety of facilities, offices and centers. These are all here to help you, to make your time here better, and to serve as seeds to grow your research goals and broaden your world. Yale, New Haven and CT have so much to offer, and so I encourage you to take advantage of these!

This resource, The Compass, is a guide to life at Yale and in New Haven. It’s been compiled over the years by graduate students of the Graduate Student Assembly, and updated this summer to include the most relevant and recent information. We hope that it encourages your engagement in our community, and supports your success as scholars and as people. This includes information about using your health plan, advice on navigating the shuttle routes and traveling to and from New Haven, favorite bars and restaurants of our GSA reps, tax information, mentoring opportunities and beyond. In addition, for the first time, The Compass is a fully online resource, including active links to many of these resources. It is our hope that this will help you navigate your first few weeks here at Yale, and serve as a point you can return to throughout your time here.

As you begin your time at Yale, and as the campus opens around us in the coming weeks, months and beyond, be sure to explore all that Yale has to offer- virtually, in person, and most importantly, as a community. The GSA is here to support all of this- please reach out to us to meet your department’s representative, bring your questions and concerns and get to know our organization!

With best wishes for your success,

Maria del Mar Galindo
GSA Chair 2021-22


p.s. Download the 2019 edition of The Compass as a PDF below.