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Brief Overview
The Public Relations Committee handles issues of publicity, public relations, and printed material. The Public Relations Committee approves GSA related press releases and advertising. Watch this page for news and media about current GSA initiatives.

The Yale GradCast: In Spring 2017, Public Relations launched a new podcast! We will be releasing episodes at least once a month for the duration of the semester, although sometimes we will release extra episodes on topics of special or timely interest. The purpose of the podcast is to provide information to GSAS students about issues and resources related to student life, education, and professional development. We will attempt to share information in such a way that multiple viewpoints on any issue we explore can be given their fullest articulation, subject to time and resource constraints. 

If you would like to give us feedback on the podcast, want to get involved, or if you have ideas about topics we should explore, please email the PR committee chair Zach Michielli

GSAS News, October 2012 
GSAS News, November 2012 
GSAS News, April, 2013
YDN News (Nov '04, 2012), New student workspaces.
YDN crosscampus  (Nov '05, 2012), Common grounds
YDN News (Nov '08, 2012), Legal services to grad students
CT Enviromental News (Nov 16, 2012), Yale Bike Plan.
YDN News (Nov 30, 2012). GSA report tackles bike safety. 

For information pertaining to the public relations committee, contact the Chair Zach Michielli.
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The minutes of the public relations committee can be found here

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