External Committees

The GSA sends representatives to a number of GSAS and University-wide committees.  The committees and current representatives are listed below.  


Office of the Provost

Advisory Committee on Resources for Students and Employees with Disabilities

The Committee provides the University with invaluable advice and assistance in fulfilling its commitment to maintain an environment that is accessible and supportive of the work and scholarship of all students, faculty and staff. 


John Gonzalez (Biological and Biomedical Sciences)

Breeanna Elliott (History)


University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct

The University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) is designed to address allegations of sexual misconduct of every kind and is available to students, faculty and staff across the University according to the guidelines described in the Committee’s procedures.


Sara Misgen (Religious Studies)

David Dellal (Biomedical Engineering)

Devan Solanki (Chemical and Environmental Engineering)


Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Grievance Committee

The committee reviews complaints brought by graduate students against a member of the faculty or administration of the Graduate School.

Current Representatives:

Burt Westermeier (Humanities)

Eléanor Sealy (Social Sciences)

Max Scalf (Physical and Natural Sciences)


Yale Health Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Council:

A group of 8-10 G&P students who meet bimonthly for 90-minute meetings during the academic year (dinner included) to discuss Mental Health & Counseling, physical health, wellness, prevention, and outreach at the Yale Health Center.

Current Representative:

Laura Logozzo (Forestry and Environmental Studies)


Advisory Committee on Library Policy

The Advisory Committee on Library Policy is convened by the Provost to provide guidance and assistance to the University Librarian on the policy matters pertaining to Yale’s libraries.


Kristen Herdman (Medieval Studies)


Office of Career Strategies Student Advisory Committee (OCS SAC)

A gathering of student representatives from over 40 groups on campus to collaborate on professional development resources and programming for graduate students and postdocs.

Current Representative:

Jacob Spies (Chemistry)


GSAS Disciplinary Committee

A committee that meets as needed to review disciplinary cases pending against GSAS students.

Current Representatives:

Kristen Herdman (Humanities)

Tyler Hayward (Social Sciences)

Carson Bryant (Physical and Natural Sciences)



Advisory Committee on Community Policing (ACCP)

Current Representative:

Zach Michielli (Architecture)


Advisory Committee on Investor Relations (ACIR):

We will nominate two representatives for this committee and GPSS will nominate two representatives. Ultimately, the President will choose one new Graduate and Professional student representative. This committee is a two-year term, and whoever is ultimately chosen will be expected to report back to both GSA and GPSS. Here’s a blurb from the outgoing G & P representative (a former GSA rep):


Christopher Londa (Classics)


Police Advisory Board (PAB):

a group of seven members of the Yale community that meets as needed only if a citizen files a complaint against the YPD. This is a one year term, with an expectation of attending a meeting to do training at the start of the year. We will nominate one person for this committee (as will GPSS) and they will choose who ultimately ends up on the committee.


Da’Von Boyd (Political Science)