GSA Passes Two Resolutions during General Assembly Meeting

October 6, 2020

During last night’s General Assembly meeting, the Assembly passed two resolutions, the complete texts of both are available at the GSA Website’s Resolutions page.

The first resolution, RESOLUTION F20-01: Implementing a Medical Relief Policy for Graduate Students, urges the Graduate School and University administration, as well as leaders at Yale Health and Graduate & Professional Student Housing, to work with GSA and other relevant student bodies to implement a new medical relief policy that will enable students to maintain their full-time status, to recieve stipend and healthcare support, to defer academic responsibilities as needed, and to stop academic clocks when moments of medical need arise. This resolution passed 72-3.

The second resolution, F20-002: “The GSA Opposes DHS Proposal to Shorten Admission Period for F- & J- Student Visa Holders and their Dependents, passed 65-1. This resolution condemns the US Department of Homeland Security’s proposed rule changes limiting the admission persiods for various student visa holders and their depdenents, affirms international students place at Yale and in GSAS, and calls upon the university leadership to do the same.