GSA Passes Resolution on Committee on Fossil Fuel Investment Principles (CFFIP)

November 30, 2020

At their regular Monday meeting on November 30th, the Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) voted overwhelmingly to pass a resolution asking the University to expand the Committee on Fossil Fuel Investment Principles (CFFIP). Urging that serious consideration of “social injury” be undertaken, resolution sponsors Megan Kelley (Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program), Amber Howell (Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program), Kyra Thrush (Computational Biology & Bioinformatics), Julianne Rolf (Chemical and Environmental Engineering), and Laura Logozzo (School of the Environment) encourage administrators to broaden the membership of the CFFIP to better include the perspective of environmental justice experts in the Yale community. By requesting the re-evaluation of the composition of the CFFIP with the hearty support from the GSA, they hope to diversify the types of expertise available to the committee as they make serious and urgent recommendations on University investment policy and continued investment in fossil fuels. The resolution passed 65-2.