FHC Archive Proposals

The FHC works on a number of proposals and projects over the course of a year.  Recent proposals & reports include:

- Mental Health report: An ad-hoc GSA-GPSS committee in 2012-2013 documented the current state of mental health resources at Yale and made recommendations for future improvements

- Payne Whitney Gym extended hours pilot program: Yale’s gym is open fewer hours per week than any other in the Ivy League and this is a major complaint of GSA constituents. This proposal suggests an expanded schedule and outlines three potential periods in which these hours could be tested.

- Formation of a University-wide housing committee: stakeholders in Housing issues are spread among many of the University’s administrative silos, resulting in poor communication. In order to bring those who could address these issues to the same table, we proposed creation of a University-wide housing committee. This proposal was instrumental in the recent formation of the Graduate Housing Committee.

- Proposal to create an office of Student Legal Services to help graduate students navigate legal issues

Additional proposals and reports below:

GSA and GPSS Report - Gym User Feedback

Library Report