COVID-19 Committees and Task Forces

Please contact these committee members if you have questions or concerns.

University Wide Committees
Academic Continuity In-Person Education Zach Michielli
Academic Continuity Residential/Extracurricular Activities Maria del Mar Galindo
COVID Testing & Tracing Ethan Perets
Trainee Considerations

Lucy Armentano

Maria del Mar Galindo

Meaghan McGeary

Ryan Petersburg

Human Subjects Research

Lucy Armentano

Stephen Breazeale

Field Research

Patrick Barker

Jo Machesky

School Safety Committees

Carson Bryant

Emily Davidson

Zach Marin

Roxanne Morris

FAS Jeremy Gaison
SEAS Jo Machesky
FAS Task Forces
Lecture Courses Carl R. Rice
Language/Writing Courses Maria del Mar Galindo