The Yale Shuttle System

The aim of the free Yale Shuttle system is to provide a safe and reliable mode of transportation for all Yale students, staff and faculty. Fixed Route and Door-to-Door shuttle routes are available, as well as on-demand Safe Ride and Special Services vans. For detailed current information, visit the Yale Shuttle website or view timely up-to-the-minute updates on the Yale Shuttle Twitter account @yaleshuttle. [NB: Shuttle service is being altered throughout Yale’s COVID-19 reopening phases. Please view current shuttle routes on the Yale Shuttle website.]

Fixed Route Shuttles 

Fixed lines shuttles run early morning to late night every weekday (specific times listed on the following pages). They have a number of fixed stops. At night, on weekends, and during adverse weather conditions the routes and times of operation may change. To get on a shuttle just wait at a stop and signal the driver as the shuttle approaches. To get off, pull the yellow cord a few moments before your stop. To view shuttle lines, stop locations, and current positions of the shuttles, download the DoubleMap app. In the app menu, choose “Select System” and search for “Yale University Shuttle.”

DoubleMap app QR-Code:

Weekday Shuttles

  • The weekday Blue Line (7:00 AM-6:00 PM) runs south on Whitney Avenue and College Street to the Medical School and north up College Street/Prospect Street. 

  • The weekday Orange Line (7:00 AM-6:00 PM) runs south on Foster and Orange Streets in East Rock, down College Street to the Medical School before returning north on College and Whitney. 

  • The Red Line (5:40 AM-7:00 PM) runs south on Prospect Street/College Street to the Medical School, east to the Union Station train depot and into Wooster Square, and returns north on College Street and Winchester Avenue. 

  • The Yellow Line (2:00 PM-6:00 PM) runs south on Prospect Street/College Street to the Medical School, north up College, and counter-clockwise around Science Hill (north on Whitney and south on Prospect).

  • The weekday Green line (7:00 AM-8:20PM) and Purple line (7:00 AM-11:30 PM) travel to West Campus from the Science Hill and Medical School campuses, respectively. There are normally three shuttles for each line, staggered at 20 minute departure intervals. Both West Campus shuttles drop off passengers at buildings in the order below, and pick up passengers in the reverse order on the trip back to New Haven.

Stop Order

Building Number

Building Name



Collection Studies Center



Conference Center
Advanced Biosciences Center (ABC)
Integrated Science & Technology Center (ISTC)



Molecular Innovations Center (MIC)



Yale School of Nursing (YSN)

Night-time/Door-to-Door Shuttles 

Starting at 6:00 PM, the Blue, Orange, and Yellow Lines provide door-to-door service between any two points within the boundary zone. If you board at a normal shuttle stop, you can request to be dropped off at any destination within the shuttle boundaries. The shuttle driver will deviate from the normal route as necessary to make requested stops. You can also request an off-route pick-up by calling the shuttle dispatcher at (203) 432-6330 and providing your location. Night-time riders should be aware of door-to-door service, which makes tracking the shuttles routes and arrival times less predictable.

The Purple Line provides door-to-door service within the New Haven boundary zone after 8:00 PM.

The Wall Street Shuttle/Law School Shuttle (6:00 PM-12:45 AM) leaves from the Law School (127 Wall Street) on the hour and at half past the hour. The shuttle will drive you to any location within the boundary zone, first north of Wall Street, then south. At 15 and 45 minutes past, shuttles will leave to take you to any location within the boundary zone south of Wall Street first, then north. Just tell the driver your destination as you enter the shuttle. 

New Haven Boundary Zone, shown in white:

Weekend Shuttles

Weekend shuttle routes operate on Saturday and Sunday and may also be in-service on holidays.

The weekend Blue Line starts at 8:00 AM and follows the weekday Blue Line route with three exceptions. It travels 1) south down Orange Street (instead of Whitney Ave), 2) west to Stop & Shop on Whalley Avenue for grocery shopping, and 3) to Union Station. After 6:00 PM, it reverts to the normal night-time route. 

The weekend Purple Line (8:00 AM-7:30 PM) combines stops of the Green and Purple Lines, traveling from Science Hill (Lot 22) to the Medical School, Union Station, and West Campus.

Trader Joe’s Grocery Shuttle

The Trader Joe’s Grocery Shuttle (10:00 AM-4:00 PM) drives students to the Trader Joe’s in Orange, CT and back hourly, beginning at Science Hill Parking Lot 22 at Whitney and Humphrey, past Helen Hadley Hall, College and Wall, College and Crown, and on to Trader Joe’s.

Yale Safe Rides via TapRide

From 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM, you may use the TapRide app or call (203) 432-WALK (9255) to request a Safe Ride van. The driver will take you to and from any location within the boundary zone limits of the shuttle routes. You can track the arrival of your car on the TapRide app. If your location is not accessible by car or you feel unsafe walking from the house to the street, tell the phone operator and they can also arrange for a security guard to walk you to your TapRide van.

Once the van arrives it will only wait 3 minutes for you before leaving for its next passenger. If you decide not to travel, please do not forget to cancel your ride. Especially on weekend evenings, the TapRide vans get very busy and failing to cancel will increase wait times for everyone.

Yale Special Services 

Yale offers Special Services transportation vans for students with temporary or permanent physical disabilities. The service runs 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 PM to 7:30 AM. Passengers are picked up upon request and transported within the boundaries. If you are interested in this service, please fill out the Special Services van registration form on the page above. Registration can take up to 48 hours to become active after submission, but can be shorter for temporary disabilities.