Travel around New Haven

Rideshares and Taxis

Rideshares like Uber or Lyft (via mobile app) and taxi services are readily available in New Haven, and are a great choice for getting around greater New Haven without a car or at night.

Taxi services:

Metro Taxi
(203) 777-7777

Yellow Taxi
(203) 777-7770

Ecuamex Taxi 
(203) 624-3333

Having a Car in New Haven

Graduate students with cars should remember: 

  • Connecticut gives new residents 60 days to register their car in the state. You will also have to pay annual state and local property taxes based on the assessed value of your car. For more information, visit the CT DMV website.

  • If you have an out-of-state driver’s license you may need to convert your license to a CT license or pass the driving test again, depending on your residency status and length of your stay.

  • Parking on campus during peak hours often requires an application and permit, and can be very expensive. However, parking is free in many Yale lots after peak hours, starting at 4:00 PM. Visit the Yale Student Parking website for information on where to park and how to apply for a permit.

  • Off-street parking is free in many streets in East Rock. Park your car on the street and take the shuttle to campus. However, parts of some streets require a city parking permit to park there, to ensure residents on those streets have access to parking. To view regulated parking zones and apply for a free parking permit, visit the New Haven Residential Parking Zones site.

  • Sign up for the New Haven Alerts system to be notified of street sweeping schedules, snow parking bans, and other important announcements via text or email.

  • Be sure to check the street sweeping schedule to avoid getting ticketed! Streets are swept in New Haven two days a month (one for each side of the street), to keep the streets clean and prevent storm drain pollution. In all neighborhoods between 7 AM and 3 PM, your car will be ticketed for $100 if left parked on the street side being swept that day. Look for posted “No Parking” signs to determine which side of the street is being swept. You can sign up for New Haven Alerts to be notified when street sweeping is occurring in your zone.

  • During inclement weather, New Haven may enforce parking bans on all snow emergency routes. Keep an eye out for the flashing blue lights that indicate a ban is in effect. You can also sign up for New Haven Alerts or call (203) 946-SNOW (7669) to find info about snow parking bans to prevent your car from being towed.