Funding and Finances

Direct Deposit for Stipend and Other Payments

To set up direct deposit, visit It’s Your Yale, and use the Workday function to add an account to receive your stipend. Moving forward, you can use Workday to manage payment and tax withholding options, find your payslips, and manage expenses. 

Tax Information

Taxes can be confusing in grad school, especially since funding sources vary widely between students. Most stipends are considered taxable, as the income is used for non-academic purposes such as room and board. For further information, you can go to the Grad and Professional Student Guide on the Yale Tax Assistance Website or see Topic 421 (Scholarships, Fellowship Grants, and Other Grants) on the IRS website. GSAS provides a summary of relevant information, and the University offers slightly more detailed guidance.

GSA ‘Tax Facts’

The GSA holds a session with a local accountant to help go through the tax filing process. Details will be announced in spring 2020.

International Student Tax information

Yale has a dedicated International Tax Office to provide guidance and answer tax-related questions for students who are non-US citizens, or not permanent residents. OISS also provides specific seminars on the tax process for international students yearly, and free tax-filing software. Get more information at OISS.

GSA Conference Travel Fellowship

Attending conferences is an expensive but necessary part of your graduate experience. The Conference Travel Fellowship can help offset that cost and provide funding for travel expenses to important conferences. There are different amounts available for students pre- and post- candidacy, and the budget recently doubled enabling even more students to be funded. More information can be found here on the GSA website.

Dean’s Fund for Student-Organized Symposia

If you are planning a symposium for your field here at Yale, the Dean’s Fund can provide a grant of up to $1000. Applications must be received six months in advance. More information can be found here on the GSAS website.

Dean’s Fund for Research Workshops, Seminars, and Colloquia

When planning a seminar series or research workshop, consider applying for a grant through the Dean’s Fund. Any series holding at least four meetings per term may be eligible for up to $500 a semester. More information can be found here on the GSAS website. 

Student Grants and Fellowships

Additional funding opportunities can be found on the Student Grants and Fellowships website here. Besides the database of grants, the website also has guidance on application writing, and links to other grant resources.

MacMillan Center

The MacMillan Center has over 40 grant and fellowship programmes for students undertaking research or participating in conferences abroad. More information on their programmes and grants can be found on their website, here

Dean’s Emergency Fund

The Dean’s Emergency fund is for GSAS students who face a one-time, unexpected financial hardship. Up to $2000 can be requested from the fund, and it does not need to be repaid. For further information and eligibility conditions, please look at the website here.