Academic Advising

GSAS Advising Guidebook

The graduate school has published recommendations for best practices regarding the student-advisor relationship, which can be found here on the GSAS website. These guidelines can be a great place to start as you work to develop and maintain a successful relationship with your advisor.

Director of Graduate Studies

Each department or program has a Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), who will be able to provide guidance if you have any concerns about advising, or more general concerns which are specific to your department. A list of DGSs by department can be found here.

Office of Graduate Student Development and Diversity

The Associate Dean, Michelle Nearon, and the rest of the Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity (OGSD)realize the importance of promoting positive student-advisor relationships as a way of supporting and retaining all students in GSAS, and are a great resource for advice and support related to advising and mentorship. Resources can be found here