Science and Identity

Monday, February 20, 2017

Voices on the episode:

Bara Badwan – Podcast Producer

Pratima Gopalakrishnan – Podcast Producer

Alicia Steinmetz – Podcast Producer

Christopher Lim – oSTEM co-founder/co-president

Mac Crite – oSTEM co-founder/co-president


“Somber” – Laura Brown

“Tranquil” – Laura Brown

“Ending” – Laura Brown

To check out more of Laura's music, make sure to visit her Soundcloud page!

Audio Clips:

From Sherlock Holmes, BBC, “A Study in Pink” (2010)

From A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Additional Resources:

NY Times “Why is Science so Straight?” by Manil Suri

And don’t forget to check out Spectrum, Chris Lim’s fantastic new podcast, dedicated to exploring the human aspects of STEM!


At one point an interviewer incorrectly suggests that an early name for AIDS was GAIDS, when in fact, the acronym was GRID which stands for Gay Related Immune Deficiency.