External Committees

The GSA sends representatives to a number of GSAS and University-wide committees.  The committees and current representatives are listed below.  


Office of the President

Minority Advisory Council

The Minority Advisory Council (MAC) advises the president on issues relating to the welfare of minority groups across all units at Yale. The council, comprised of students, faculty and staff operates like all other committees appointed by the president in that it serves as an advisory council that can bring very specific recommendations to the attention of the president, but MAC does not set policy.

Current Representative:

Andres Munoz Rojas (Engineering and Applied Sciences)

Committee of Review

Reviews and, when appropriate, requests reconsideration of disciplinary decisions made by the Dean after a formal hearing by the Committee on Regulations and Discipline.

Current Representative:

Max Krahe (Political Science)


Office of the Provost

Advisory Committee on Resources for Students and Employees with Disabilities

The Committee provides the University with invaluable advice and assistance in fulfilling its commitment to maintain an environment that is accessible and supportive of the work and scholarship of all students, faculty and staff. 

Current Representative:

Amanda Leiss (Anthropology)


University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct

The University-Wide Committee on Sexual Misconduct (UWC) is designed to address allegations of sexual misconduct of every kind and is available to students, faculty and staff across the University according to the guidelines described in the Committee’s procedures.

Current Representative:

Janna Gonwa (Religious Studies)


Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Graduate School Executive Committee

A committee of faculty members and graduate students, chaired by the dean, which advises the dean on broad matters of policy and procedure and makes recommendations to the faculty of the Graduate School.

Current Representatives:

Katie Oltman (Psychology)

Elizabeth Salm (Neuroscience)

Alicia Steinmetz (Political Science)

Bryan Yoon (Forestry and Environmental Studies)

Alex Zhang (Classics, Philosophy)


Dean's Advisory Committee on Regulations and Discipline

The committee reviews violations of the regulations governing academic and personal conduct.

Current Representatives:

Sebastian Bezerra (Medieval Studies)

Patrick Dunn (Cellular and Molecular Physiology)

Katie Oltman (Psychology)


Andrew Adams (Genetics)

Joseph Lewnard (Publilc Health)

Dean's Advisory Committee on Student Grievances

The committee reviews complaints brought by graduate students against a member of the faculty or administration of the Graduate School.

Current Representatives:

Stacey Arnold (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Joseph Lewnard (Public Health)

Gabriel Winant (History)

Mental Health and Counseling University-Wide Committee

The Mental Health and Counseling committee advises Yale Health administrators on issues relating to the mental health of students here at Yale.  Last year, the Council aided in the updating of the Mental Health and Counseling website as well as discussed the formation of the new wellness website.  They also were a part of the Mental Health G&P Town Hall and discussed the concerns brought up by students

See a recent report here.