In case you did not grab a paper copy, The Compass, a guide to Yale and New Haven for graduate students written by the GSA, is available as a PDF. View it here.

Welcome to Yale and New Haven!

The resource you have in your hands was written for graduate students, by graduate students. It is the product of late nights under fluorescent lights, hours of research, and a genuine desire to make life a little easier for our new colleagues.

We know from experience that moving to New Haven can be a bit daunting. That’s why we created The Compass, a curated guide to Yale and New Haven. It includes all of the information we wish we had had when we arrived, and none of the extras that, while helpful, can overwhelm. This means that when we list restaurants or museums, for example, we’re recommending our personal favorites as Yale graduate students. Feel free to check out other establishments – New Haven has an incredible amount to offer!

From how to navigate health care at Yale to finding the perfect restaurant for any occasion, the Graduate Student Assembly’s guide covers it all.

We hope you enjoy your experience here as much as we have!

The Graduate Student Assembly