Common Grounds

An initiative by GSA to encourage mentoring of graduate students.

We provide Yale GSAS students with vouchers to take a Yale GSAS faculty member out for a free coffee or tea, so that you can chat with him/her about your latest dissertation chapter, your budding idea for a paper, a conference you would like to attend, professional development or career opportunities, etc.

Each voucher entitles you to spend $6 on items of your choice at the following participating campus locations: Thain Family Cafe (Bass Library Cafe), KBT Cafe (Science Hill), Cafe at Becton, West Campus Dinning, and Marigolds (School of Medicine).

To request your free voucher, please send an email to from your Yale email address, indicating your name, program and year of study.
The following restrictions apply:

  • This program will run until May 1, 2017.
  • Each student is limited to 1 Common Grounds voucher until the program ends.
  • In order to redeem a voucher at a participating location, a student must be accompanied by a Yale faculty or staff member.