What is the Graduate Student Assembly?

The Graduate Student Assembly is an elected body of Yale students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The Assembly’s goals are to identify the needs and concerns of graduate students, consider possible solutions, and present these to the Dean and other administrators. We also discuss, propose, and advise on possible changes to Graduate School policy proposed by the administration. The assembly provides a means for communication and deliberation both among graduate students and between graduate students and other members of the Yale community.

How can you get involved?

Every graduate program sends one representative to the GSA for every forty enrolled students, with a minimum of one representative per program. If your program is currently underrepresented, nominated yourself during elections in the middle of September.

All graduate students are welcome at the biweekly General Assembly Meetings. Members of the Yale Administration are often invited to speak on topics of interest to graduate students, and dinner is provided. The meeting schedule can be found on the GSA website, If you are interested in attending a meeting, contact