Officers & Representatives

We are here to help

Wondering if your spouse gets a health insurance discount? Want to redraw the Yale Transit shuttle routes? If you're a grad student, GSA can help answer your questions, or support your ideas for improving academic, social, and living experiences at Yale.  No question or concern is too big or small!

To contact us, you are invited to attend a biweekly Assembly Meeting, or you may email any departmental representative.  If your department is not represented, please feel free to contact an officer or a rep in a department that's related or connected to yours.

GSA Officers 2016-2017

Chair Nicholas Vincent
Vice Chair Wendy Xiao
Secretary Alex Zhang
Treasurer Jennifer Sun
Conference Travel Fellowship (CTF) Director Kevin Regan
Webmaster Sarah Malkowski

GSA Committee Chairs 2016-2017

Academics and Professional Development Rachel Love
Facilities and Healthcare Susan Pratt
Transit and Security Emilio Salazar
Publicity Alicia Steinmetz

Departmental Representatives 2016-2017

Yale Grad School departments or programs receive one seat on GSA, for every 40 students in the program. Departments in bold have one or more vacant seats.

Department (number of representatives) Representative
African American Studies (1) Vacant; run for office!
African Studies (1) Ashley Tapley
American Studies (2) Lucy Caplan
Vacant; run for office!
Anthropology (2) Jacob Welch
Wen Zhou
Applied Mathematics (1) Vacant; run for office!
Applied Physics (1) Marius Constantin
Archaeological Studies (1) Vacant; run for office!
Architecture (1) David Turturo
Astronomy (1) Joseph Schmitt
Cell Biology (2) Madeleine Chalfant
Nathan Nguyen
Cellular and Molecular Physiology (1) Patrick Dunn
Chemistry (5) Paul Lemler
Sarah Malkowski
Adam Matula
Kevin Regan
Benjamin Rudshteyn
Classics (1) Rachel Love
Comparative Literature (1) Vacant; run for office!
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (1) Vacant; run for office!
Computer Science (2) Jérémie Koenig
Vacant; run for office!
East Asian Languages and Literature (1) Vacant; run for office!
East Asian Studies (1) Kang Wei Heng
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (1) Stephen Gaughran
Economics (4) Fabian Schrey Lorenz
Vacant; run for office!
Vacant; run for office!
Vacant; run for office!
Engineering and Applied Science (7) Amanda Alexander
Bara Badwan
Michael Giannetto
Allison Greaney
GeeHee Lee
Rui Li
Chao Zhou
English Language and Literature (2) David DeLeon
Vacant; run for office!
European and Russian Studies (1) Qiyang Niu
Experimental Pathology (1) Wesley Cai
Film Studies (1) Andrew Vielkind
Forestry and Environmental Studies (3) Michaela Foster
Fjodor Melnikov
Lily Zeng
French (1) Tadas Bugnevicius
Genetics (2) Steven Paniagua
Vacant; run for office!
Geology and Geophysics (2) Anwar Mohiuddin
Yana Bebieva
Germanic Languages and Literature (1) Vacant; run for office!
Global Affairs (2) Jillian Anderson
Vacant/ run for office!
History (5) Anna Duensing
Mireille Pardon
Emily Snyder
Connor Williams
Vacant; run for office!
History of Art (2) Kate Phillips
Vacant; run for office!
Immunobiology (2) William Ruff
Vacant; run for office!
International and Developmental Economics (1) Vacant; run for office!
Investigative Medicine (1) Vacant; run for office!
Italian (1) Giovanni Miglianti
Linguistics (1) Christopher Geissler
MacMillan Center (2) Vacant; run for office!
Vacant; run for office!
Management (2) Elizabeth Friedman
Toomas Laarits
Mathematics (1) Vacant; run for office!
MD/PhD Program (3) Stefano Daniele
Wendy Xiao
Jessica Ye
Medieval Studies (1) Sebastian Rider-Bezerra
Microbiology (1) Nicholas Vincent
Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (2) Sarah Smaga
Vacant; run for office!
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (2) Carly Cox
Jennifer Sun
Music (2) Laura Brown
Nicholas Curry
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (1) Benjamin Scruton
Neuroscience (3) Emilio Salazar Cardozo
Elizabeth Salm
Vacant; run for office!
Nursing (1) Qinglan Ding
Pharmacology (1) Courtney Smith
Philosophy (1) Alex Zhang
Physics (4) Stephen Albright
Alexandru Bogdan Georgescu
Susan Pratt
Vacant; run for office!
Political Science (3) Consuelo Amat Matus
Melis Laebens
Alicia Steinmetz
Psychology (3) Lucylle Armentano
Kathleen Oltman
Vacant; run for office!
Public Health (3) Megan Cahill
Michael Cohen
Joseph Lewnard
Religious Studies (2) Pratima Gopalakrishnan
Sarah Zager
Renaissance Studies (1) Clio Doyle
Slavic Languages and Literature (1) Anastasiya Berdinskikh
Sociology (2) Sarah Brothers
Margaret Traeger
Spanish and Portugese (1) Janelle Gondar
Statistics (1) Shylee Ezroni