Land Acknowledgement

Yale University acknowledges that indigenous peoples and nations, including Mohegan,Mashantucket Pequot,2 Eastern Pequot,3 Schaghticoke,4 Golden Hill Paugussett,5 Niantic,6 and the Quinnipiac7 and other Algonquian8 speaking peoples, have stewarded through generations the lands and waterways of what is now the state of Connecticut.  We honor and respect the enduring relationship that exists between these peoples and nations and this land. (Office of the Secretary and Vice President for Student Life)

Please check back soon for resources about Indigenous and Native communities and their histories.

Pronunciation guide:

2 pee.kwot
3 east.ern. pee.kwot
4 skat.ih.kohk
5 gold.en. hill po.gaw.sett
6 ni.han.tic
8 al-gon-ki-an