Resolutions for 2013-2014 academic year:

Resolution F13-001: Approved (91% in favor, 2% opposed, 7% abstentions)
Resolution F13-002: Approved (Unanimously approved)
Resolution F13-003: Approved (Unanimously approved)
Resolution F13-004: Approved (86.7% in favor, 0% opposed, 13.3% abstentions)
Resolution F13-005: Approved (92% in favor, 8% opposed, 0% abstentions)                                                                              Resolution F13-006: Approved (74% in favor, 9% opposed, 17% abstentions)
Resolution F13-007: Approved (84% in favor, 4% opposed, 8% abstentions)                                                                              Resolution F13-008: Approved (77% in favor, 9% opposed, 14% abstentions)                                                                Resolution F13-009: Approved (71% in favor, 10% opposed, 20% abstentions)                                                                          Resolution F13-011: Approved                                                                                                                                                Resolution F13-012: Approved                                                                                                                                                Resolution F13-013: Approved (93% in favor, 3% abstentions)                                                                                                 Resolution F13-014: Approved                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Resolutions for Spring 2012-2013 academic year:

Resolution S13-001: Approved (94% in favor, 2% opposed, 4% abstentions)
Resolution S13-002: Approved (86% in favor, 12% opposed, 2% abstentions)
Resolution S13-003: Approved (91% in favor, 6% opposed, 4% abstentions)
Resolution S13-004: Approved (87% in favor, 9% opposed, 4% abstentions)
Resolution S13-005: Approved (97% in favor, 3% opposed, 0% abstentions)
Resolution S13-006: Approved (Unanimously approved)
Resolution S13-007: Approved (Unanimously approved)

Resolutions for Fall 2012-2013 academic year:

Resolution F12-001: Approved (79% in favor, 12% opposed, 9% abstentions)
Resolution F12-002: Approved (79% in favor, 17% opposed, 5% abstentions)                                                                    Resolution F12-003: Approved (90% in favor, 3% opposed, 7% abstentions)
Resolution F12-004: Approved (88% in favor, 5% opposed, 7% abstentions)

Resolution F12-001 Westville Line Ad Hoc.pdf32.15 KB
Resolution F12-002 Common Grounds Program.pdf65.43 KB
Resolution F12-003 Mental Health Ad-Hoc.pdf20.56 KB
Resolution F12-004 Salovey Resolution.pdf31.72 KB
Resolution S13-001 Budget Update.pdf32.3 KB
Resolution S13-002 Common Grounds Program Update.pdf36.71 KB
Resolution S13-003 CTF Name Modification.pdf18.74 KB
Resolution S13-004 Student Center Ad Hoc Committee.pdf20.62 KB
Resolution S13-005 Common Grounds Program Update.pdf354.03 KB
Resolution S13-006 Mental Health Ad-Hoc committtee provisional report and charter update.docx.pdf237.24 KB
Resolution S13-007 Resolution to Accept A Report on Gym Hours and Renovation.pdf113.41 KB
Resolution F13_001 GSA_Proposed_Budget_2013_2014_sep4.pdf212.26 KB
Resolution F13-002 Common Grounds Program.pdf554.67 KB
Resolution F13-003 Payne Whitney Operation Hours.pdf345.41 KB
Resolution F13-004 GSA-GPSS Mental Health Report and Recommendations.pdf295.86 KB
Resolution F13-005 Student Center.pdf68.91 KB
Resolution F13_006- Committee to Review Graduate Student Life.pdf60.73 KB
Resolution F13-007- Create a Teaching Assessment Committee.pdf151.38 KB
Resolution F13-008_Strategic_Plan.pdf32.97 KB
F13-009 Alumni Advisory Board Resolution.pdf12.27 KB
Resolution F13_011 - LibraryHours.pdf132.7 KB
Resolution F13_012 - Vic Stein.pdf151.42 KB
F13-013 Student Center Resolution.pdf19.08 KB
F13_014LibraryReportfinal.pdf1.07 MB