I don't know if I am eligible to apply because I am in the XYZ department/school. Does that count as being in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)?

If you do not know if you are enrolled in the GSAS, then please check the Yale Phonebook or contact your registrar. If you still aren't sure, you can ask the CTF director and he/she will attempt to resolve the issue. Occasionally, someone's status is unclear until after we have made an award decision, at which point the financial aid office informs us that there is a problem. 

"Disseration Completion Status", "Less-Than-Half-Time Status", VAR students are ineligible.

How should my application be handed in? Anything specific?

It must be submitted electronically. The specific instructions can be found in the CTF Application Instructions for students.

When is the actual time deadline on the final day of submission?

The official time deadline is at 11:59:59 pm on the final day of submission.  Anything not submitted by that time cannot be accepted. 

I am planning to apply for your conference travel fellowship and noticed that you require a "letter of acceptance from conference organizers". I didn't receive a physical letter in the mail informing me of my acceptance to present at the conference, but I did receive an email from conference organizers.  What should I include in my CTF Application package?

We fully realize that it is not commonplace to receive a physical letter from the conference / conference organizers.  If you received an email from the conference organizers that will be acceptable for the requirement assuming that it gives the conference name at which you will be presenting somewhere in the email.  Sometimes you can get a copy online of your acceptance online through the conference website if it has a log-in for presenters.  We will also accept this as proof of acceptance for the conference.

If my conference is in XYZ future month and I haven't received the "letter of acceptance from conference organizers" yet, shall I still submit an application for the CTF application now and submit the acceptance confirmation once available?

No, it is required that you submit a letter of acceptance with your application to be considered for the fellowship. If you do not have this letter at the time of the current CTF cycle deadline, please wait until a future cycle to submit your application.

How is my faculty member supposed to submit the letter of recommendation?  

Faculty members are to submit letters of recommendation using the online form found on the application page.

My abstract/paper/presentation is in a foreign language.  What do I do?

All submitted material must be in English. Please translate everything into English before submitting.

I applied for CTF during a previous cycle, but unfortunately did not receive the fellowship. Do I have to resubmit the online form and notify my recommender to submit the letter again? 

If your CTF application is deemed ineligible but you are still eligible to apply to the next cycle, you will have to submit a new application package. We cannot return or retain applications.

The place I wish to travel to is not a conference but a...XYZ, is this covered by the CTF?

You are eligible for the CTF if the conference/seminar/event you are going to is an academic setting where you are presenting your original work. If you have been invited to give a seminar at a university as part of a large seminar series, this may also be eligible, depending on the circumstances.

When filling out the application for funding for a future conference, are estimated/projected travel and lodging expenses acceptable, or do airline tickets (for example) need to be purchased first in order to give the exact price?

It is acceptable to provide estimated/projected travel and lodging expenses. Please try to be as accurate as possible. If you are awarded more fellowship funds than are needed (due to an overestimation of cost), it is requested that you tell the CTF director so we can be sure to give these funds to other conference-bound students.

I would like to go on multiple conferences, each costing $300, is this covered by the CTF?

As for multiple conferences, this is not allowed at this time. The CTF can only be used to fund the costs of a single conference. 

Will I receive an acknowledgment that my application is under review?

You will receive an automated email after you submit your application and another after your advisor submits their recommendation. If you receive both of these emails, your application package is complete.

When should I expect to know if I have received an award?

The Conference Travel Fellowship prides itself on doing a thorough, but quick, review of all applications. The exact amount of time required to review all applications varies from cycle to cycle, but 3-4 weeks is not uncommon.

Will I be fully funded? What is the funding rate?

Most applications are not fully funded. We purposefully do not reveal how much each applicant receives or does not receive. Every cycle we get requests for far more money than we have to award to students going to conferences.

A 40-65% funding rate of total applications is not unusual, but we make no guarantees.

What criteria does the Selection Committee use to determine whether or not they will fund me?

The main criteria are career importance and need. A fifth-year student giving a talk at the most important conference in her field and introducing her thesis results just before going on the job market, will be ranked ahead of a second-year going to a graduate-students-only workshop. And a historian who has budgeted a bare-bones trip to present at his first ever conference, but still will need to cough up hundreds of dollars of his own money, will be considered preferentially to the biologist who is attending her third conference of the year and whose advisor or department will fund the trip if she doesn't win the award.

What is the taxation policy of CTF funds?

This is what the tax situation is regarding CTF funds. IF you are a US Tax Resident then you will receive your CTF funds in full. If you are NOT a Tax Resident and are NOT under a tax-treaty with your country of origin, taxes WILL be taken out of your CTF funds. The ONLY exception to this is if your conference is OUTSIDE of the US, in which case you should email daysi.cardona@yale.edu before your conference to set up a one-time special transaction for your CTF funds.

IF you are a US Tax Resident and had taxes taken out of your CTF funds, please contact Jennifer.Brinley@yale.edu.